UK-Japan 2+2 meeting to take place in London ‘around’ 21 January 2015

The Japan Times reported that the UK and Japan are due to have their first meeting of Foreign and Defence Ministers (2+2 format) in January 2015. The agenda is thought to include the following items:

  • Joint research on missile technology
  • Measures to deal with ‘Islamic State’
  • Early signing of an acquisition and cross-servicing agreement, or ACSA, to enable the Self-Defense Forces and the British military to share supplies and transportation services during U.N. peacekeeping operations.
  • Cooperation on Ukraine
  • UK support and advice on Japanese legislation to operationalise the lifting of the self-imposed ban on Japan exercising its right to collective self defence
  • UK support for Japan’s bid for UN Security Council Membership

Update: it now looks like the 2+2 meeting is taking place on 21 January. Some details here

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